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Studiospares iPA500 PA System + Speaker Stands and Bag
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Studiospares iPA500 PA System + Speaker Stands and Bag

Product Code: 250261

The IPA500 is perfect sound solution for every venue. With built in multi-FX, this system which both portable and powerful will transform your sound.

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Studiospares Trojan iPA500

The iPA500 is the perfect sound solution for every situation and venue. It is both highly portable and powerful and will satisfy the most critical user. Simply holding the Amplifier section provides an insight into the iPA500’s build quality. Solid and highly practical. It packs an incredible amount of facilities and power into two portable cabinets.



  • Quick setup time
  • Versatility, covers events from presentations to concerts
  • Go anywhere, do anything. 10 inputs from mics, CD players, Keyboards, Guitars, Mobile devices etc
  • Three Band EQ and a DSP with 16 on board modifiable sound effects
  • Huge Power reserve with Class D Digital Amplifiers
  • Feedback. Active circuitry locates and processes the offending frequency
  • Two powerful speakers distribute sound to every corner of the auditorium
  • Interfaces with any PA microphone and 99% of studio microphones


Quick setup time

Setting up is a breeze. Just unclip the power amplifier from the rear of the speaker cabinet and plug in the leads stored in the rear of the other cabinet. Finally mount the amplifier on a table or the supplied telescopic stand, turn on and play.



The iPA500’s flexibility covers any scenario and more. With 10 inputs and two outputs plus a sub woofer and monitor outputs, it meets any requirement whatever the venue. A dedicated input for two Wireless Microphones adds to the versatility. The Class D Digital Amplifier punches out 400 watts RMS which is true power. (manufacturers frequently provide mythical power outputs forgetting to specify what watts). If you need enough power to fill an auditorium with quality sound then the iPA500 is your answer.


Go anywhere, do anything

Just plug in mics, CD players, keyboards, guitars etc. Switch on and play. Portable devices link in via Wi-Fi for Apple IOS and Android. All 10 inputs include 3 band EQ, DSP Effects and gain control. Mic/Line switches select the correct channel gain structure.


EQ and Effects (DSP Digital Effects Processor)

If the presenters voice needs beefing up or just sounds wrong the ±15dB three band EQ facility on every input saves the day. Tweak the guitar input for the best sound, add more treble if the CD player sound dull and add more mid band to a vocalist to cut through any mix. 16 on board modifiable sound effects act on one or any number of inputs changeing the character of any sound from a touch of reverberation on the voice to a tremolo on a keyboard. Input for an FX Footswitch.


Loadza Grunt

The iPA500 is LOUD. A Massive Power reserve with Class D Digital Amplifiers delivering both quality and quantity. This newly developed digital amplifier is highly efficient so remains cool and reliable ready for continual use.



The hall maybe reverberant, hard surfaces reflect sounds back to the microphone. Sophisticated active circuitry senses the onset of feedback and suppress the offending frequency. Job done!


The Speakers

The heart of any sound system. 10” long throw speaker cones displace masses of air. To keep distortion in check the bass driver features Hi Flux Ferrite Magnets delivering power to spare. The HF Treble Horn carries the high frequencies from 2.5 kHz to 20,000Hz. With a 34mm fluid filled voice coil heat is dissipated ensuring reliability. Dispersion is a massive 60 x 90 degrees, enough to reach all corners of the auditorium. Speakers can be laid in their side for stage monitoring. Convenient side mounting carrying handles makes transportation simple


Which Microphones

The iPA500 is kitted out with masses of gain to capture the quietest sounds from both dynamic and condenser microphones. Condenser/Electret mics require phantom powering. No problem, just push the Phantom Power switch.


Different Venues

Crank up the Bass. For musical events added bass response livens up the show. The iPA500 includes a Subwoofer Out for feeding a sub bass amp and woofer. For speech only events, a special Tone Control tailors the frequency response for even greater clarity.


See what is happening

Audio level status with LEDs from -10db up to Limiting at +8dB aids setting the levels for the best sound.


Go Anywhere

The Switch Mode Power supply saves weight, is highly efficient and works on mains voltages between 100 and 240 volts which covers use on board ships and liners.


Digital Effects

Ten Digital Sound effects can enhance any presentation or performance. The iPA500 is loaded with effects to enhance any situation. The included effects are Rooms, Halls, Stage, Plate, Drum, Various Echos, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Auto Wah and Tremolo. These effects can be modified by Decay, Delay and Program Rate


Amplifier and Speaker Mounting.

The amplifier clips into the rear of one of the speaker cabinets, the other speaker houses all the cables. This makes transportation and storage a breeze. Setting up time consists of unlatching the amplifier from one cabinet and retrieving the cable from the rear of the second cabinet. The Amp comes with an all metal mounting bracket so that it can be mounted on the telescopic stand provided. Speakers include a 35mm socket for pole mounting


Studiospares Pro PA Speaker Stand with Carrying Bag


A pair of highly portable quality aluminium speaker stands with a 2015mm height and a 60kg load capacity which makes it second to none.The Heavy Duty Bag is manufactured from a tightly woven Black polycotton with heavy-duty red straps which support the weight, not the material.Supporting up to 60Kg of speaker two metres above the ground with entertainers and an audience around it’s reassuring to know the stand is the finest currently available.Carrying the stands around it soon becomes apparent they are made of aluminium not heavy steel.Both the height adjusting sleeve and base that connects everything together are tough die castings and not plastic which becomes brittle left in a cold van overnight.The height adjusting sleeve clamp includes a steel retaining safety pin passing through the pole plus a woven nylon tie line to save the pin from being lostTo maintain the smart appearance the stand is Matte Black Powder Coated which is baked on for a long lasting smart appearance.

This product will satisfy the most critical user. Safety is built in which is to be expected from a quality product. We hold all spares for this product in Luton HQ.



  • Metal not plastic components for safety critical parts.
  • Higher weight capacity through better components and Computer Aided Design (CAD).
  • Fits 35mm top hats. Reverse the pole to suit 38mm top hats.
  • Gradual height adjustment.
  • Legs splay out 1.25m to provide greater stability.
  • All components available as spare parts.
  • Chunky feet limit sliding and protect flooring.
  • ROHS compliant Black Powder Coating is more durable than paint spraying.

What is in the Box

  • 1x Speaker containing the Power Amplifier
  • 1x Speaker containing a set of speaker leads and mains power lead.
  • 1x Metal bracket for mounting the Power Amplifier on the Stand
  • 1x Telescopic Power Amplifier Stand
  • 2x Studiospares Pro PA Speaker Stands
  • 1x Carrying Bag
  • 1x Instruction Manual


  • 10" two way active speaker cabinet system
  • Frequency response 70Hz~20kHz(±3dB) 60Hz~20kHz(-10dB)
  • Sensitivity(1m/1W) 94dB
  • Max SPL(@1m) 122dB
  • Nominal Impedance 4Ω
  • Power 200W x2 (RMS)
  • Speakers 10" woofer/50mm voice coil/200W
  • HF driver 1x 34mm HF driver/34mm voice coil /30W
  • Coverage (H x V) 60° x 90°
  • Crossover frequency 2.5 kHz
  • Connector JACK
  • Speaker leads length 5 metres
  • Speaker cabinet dimension (WxHxD) 348x557x330(mm)
  • Speakers each weight 11.3kg



  • Mic gain -50dB(bal)
  • Line gain -18dB
  • Mic impedance MIC1/2 1.2k Ohms-MIC3/4 3k Ohms
  • Line in impedance Line inputs5/10 10k Ohms
  • Channel EQ
  • LF ±15dB 100Hz
  • MF ±15dB 2.7kHz
  • HF ±15dB 10kHz
  • Amp output power 2x 200W RMS (THD<1%, 4 Ω@1kHz)
  • THD ≤0.3%(1kHz,90W)
  • Phantom Power 25 volts
  • Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz,± 3dB(1W, 4 Ω)
  • Rated voltage AC 100V~240V/50/60Hz
  • Weight 4.3kg


Studiospares Pro PA Speaker Stand with Carrying Bag

  • Pole material Aluminium.
  • Load capacity 60kg.
  • Height adjustable using clamp 1300mm - 2015mm with legs set to maximum stability of 1.25m. Reduced to 1300mm - 2000mm using safety pin.
  • Upper pole diameter 35mm and 38mm reversed.
  • Lower pole diameter 41mm.
  • Distance between feet 1.25m.
  • Weight 3.0kg
  • Colour Black.
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