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Extreme Isolation Ex29 Headphones

Product Code: 401500

EXTREME ISOLATION EX29 HEADPHONES What makes them `extreme?` The specially designed earmuffs pas...

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EXTREME ISOLATION EX29 HEADPHONES What makes them `extreme` The specially designed earmuffs passively attenuate surrounding sound by 29 decibels and a custom fitted high quality speaker assembly. Because of the extreme surrounding sound isolation, it is only necessary to use the headphones at medium to low volume. This, in turn, protects your precious eardrums from damage. As a drummer, you can hear practice music better or hear a studio mix better and still hear the drumset and feel the natural strike against the drumheads. You can mix your own drums next to the multi-track! Specifications Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000Hz; Drivers: 40 mm -- Advanced an-isotropic magnetic drivers for superior Fidelity and Sensitivity; Impedance: 32 ohms. Sensitivity: 96 dB/mW -- Efficient at medium volume levels. Cord: Lightweight 9` permits ease of movement. Plug: Stereo 3.5 mm -- w/gold plated 1/4 adaptor. Features: Comfortable hearing protection at medium volume. Uses: Drummers practice or recording and electronic drums. Sound Engineers at live performances and Home Studios for recording live instruments in the same room as the recorder.
Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 16 December 2015
  • Verified Customer
    on 21 December 2012
    *Fantastic* at what they're supposed to do - shutting out the live sound almost entirely and letting the wearer hear only the 'mix' - but so, so fragile! We'd taken to keeping a stock of replacement headbands, but when the lead came adrift we just had to replace (with Beyer DT100 - higher cost, less good isolation, but no more draining money).
  • Verified Customer
    on 27 October 2011
    These headphones give good sound isolation, but the build quality is really poor. I only used mine a few times before the cheap plastic headband snapped.
  • Verified Customer
    on 13 October 2011
    I bought 2 pairs for the music tech department at a 6th form college. We use cheap headphones usually (£10 max). Both pairs snapped within a week. My students are not that gentle with equipment, but these are the first headphones that have broken in a year. Perhaps a faulty batch/manufacturing fault.

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