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Proguard Music Earplugs

Product Code: 401870

Custom moulded ear plugs for the ultimate in ear protection...

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ProGuard recognise the importance of hearing protection but also understand that just blocking sound is not what it’s all about, the ProGuard Music earplug simplifies every stage of getting your own custom attenuating earplugs made, a straight out of the box solution, theywill arrange impression appointments for you. Once they are done you send them back to proguard in a pre-paid box supplied and in approximately 14 days your own custom Music earplugs will arrive at your doorstep.

Musicians, DJs, Clubbers, Concert goers really do not want just to use any earplug, they demand the best and that’s where ProGuard come in. Each earplug is tailored to the individual client, and it will fit like a glove into every nook and cranny of your complex ear anatomy. The custom-fit earplug will fit deep into the ear canal and sit comfortably there for long periods of time without it becoming uncomfortable or feeling obtrusive, manufactured from tactile soft medical grade silicon they will require very little maintenance over their lifetime just the occasional wash in warm soapy water and a quick dry before inserting them into the ear is all that is required.

The magic part of the these music earplugs is the acoustic filters used, calibrated at various SNR levels they will allow the sound to pass through with all the same complexity as how it was originally played but at a lower volume to save your delicate ears from the rigours of loud music. Each ProGuard earplug comes with two choices of filter to suit your listening environment; the lower level designed to give adequate protection for general gigging and concert goers gives an SNR protection level of 23dB then a higher attenuation version where regular listeners are in extremely high volume environments typically DJ’s, Drummers and musicians in very loud bands, this filter will give an SNR rating of 25dB. It might not seem that 2dB will make that much difference but you should be aware that a 3dB difference is effectively doubling the sound so small differences in numbers can have quite an effect.

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