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Studiospares Snake 8 XLR Sends 5m

Product Code: 588660

This range of Cable Snakes are professionally made and designed for on the road use or within a studio environment.

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SNAKE 8 WAY 5m Heavy Duty Mk 2

8 way SNAKES

This range of Cable Snakes are professionally made and designed for on the road use or within a studio environment.

Both the cable connectors and the chassis XLRs on the box are of all metal construction, not cheap plastic versions. The Precision XLR plugs are labelled with the appropriate channel numbers. The multicore is designed to be easily flexed because it uses spirally wound copper screening, not foil screening which can fail if repeatedly flexed at the same point. It is well protected at it’s most vulnerable point by a flexible strain relief.

An anti tangle plate stops leads becoming tangled. Slide the yellow plate along the path of the 8 exposed cables and leads automatically free themselves.

A lug is secured to one end of the box for storage purposes or for securing the box to a wall. The box is of a heavy gauge steel with a durable black powder coating. The box comes complete with a handy protection bag.                                                       

Available in the following lengths -

 5 metres Code 588660

10 metres Code 588670

30 metres Code 588680


Boffin Bazza comments.

The Studiospares 8 way Snake series success relies on the length of time it has evolved. Small features such as the use of nickel plated sockets on the box help to locate the connectors in dimly lit stages.

Vulnerable cable failures inside the connectors are always at the point the cable exits the strain relief. This failure possibility is addressed by the cable going through a jacket which is them clamped to the connector. That way the cable is not crushed by the clamping action of the cable retainer. The flexibility of the XLR’s boot further reduces the chance of cable failures through repeated bending.

The anti tangle plate stops cables being yanked free through being tangled. Just slide the plate along the length of the exposed cables and they free up instantly.

Cable Length: 5
Cable Plug 1: Stagebox
Cable Plug 2: XLR
Colour: BLACK
Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 18 April 2012
    I purchased one of these a year ago. However I have only used it on 5 occasions in a rehearsal studio. In between recordings I have kept it in a heavy duty plastic box and it has been well looked after... I would go as far to say that I have been over "considerate" with it. I took it out last night to test my gear prior to a gig recording this weekend and discovered that one of the XLR plugs/cable has a fault and crackles. The cable at the end is very, very flimsy. When I get a chance I'll have to make some modifications so it is suitable for live music use.
  • Verified Customer
    on 12 October 2011
    Good quality product, perfectly suited to my studio!! Cant find this size of loom in and 8 Way anywhere else. Perfect.
  • Verified Customer
    on 01 September 2011
    I used this snake as a link from the Drummers stage position to my main snake, and used the eight ways as, 1 for Snare,2 for Hi Tom,3 for Mid Tom,4 for Floor Tom, all with phantom powered AKG micro mics,5 for AKG D112 Kick Drum,6 for Shure SM57 Over Head for Cymbals,7 for SM 58 Vocal Mic, and used Lead 8 as the signal feed for the Drummers Powered foldback monitor, this meant only having to run one cable across the stage from the Drum position and kept the stage free of eight loose cables!