Precision Pro Mono Jack Nickel 1/4inch

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Based on nickle plated die cast zinc shells this range builds on a long pedigree of Precision connectors combining quality with reliability and considered second to none.
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Precision Mono Jack Plug Nickel

Quick cable or application identified by coloured rings and boots.

Rings form part of the connector so do not become detached Rapid assembly assured by a four part design, shell, boot, connector and a split chuck.

Positive cable retention by a chuck which maintains even circular pressure Cable entry 4mm - 7mm Slim design of 16.1 mm diameter aides tight packing densities.

Contact material Nickel plated Solder tags nickel plated to take solder easily Cable boot relieves bending stresses on cable exit that cause cable conductors to break.

Optional coloured rings: red, blue, yellow, green, orange.

Optional coloured boots red, blue, yellow, green, orange.

Normally supplied with black boots and rings. (Coloured boots and rings optional)