Studiospares Pro Heavy Duty Speaker Stand

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Studiospares Pro Extended Speaker Stand
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Studiospares Pro Extended Speaker Stand

A heavy duty 3 pole double braced leg version of this popular stand fabricated with steel throughout.

Safety is the keyword when the going gets tough.
1. The component taking the most stress is the base which holds the three legs in place.
2. Manufactured from cast zinc not plastic so it will not break when left in a cold van overnight.
3. The leg support assembly is metal, with no plastic components.
4. The legs are prevented from collapsing under load by a dual horizontal brace connected to a collar at the bottom of the pole. This double bracing resists the legs twisting and collapsing.
5. Critical nuts are the shakeproof variety so will not become detached.

The height is adjustable between 1450mm and 3100mm. The maximum load is 60kg. Upper pole diameter is 35mm.
The pole locking mechanisms are non marring and consists of a conventional compression clutch backed up with retained safety pins passing through the poles.
On a price to performance basis alone, this product comes second to none.
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  • Material:  Steel

  • Height:  1450mm - 3105mm
  • Minimum Height:  1450 mm uses clamps only and 1600 mm using safety pins where the pin passes through both poles where one pole is inside the other
  • Capacity:  60kg
  • Upper tube diameter:  35mm
  • Leg spread:  1580mm. Leg length 905mm
  • Surface finish:  ROHS Compliant Black Powder coated
  • Weight:  5.1kg
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