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Ardán Elevation pro-  EVP-M1
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Ardán Elevation pro- EVP-M1

Product Code: 404810

Pro Speaker stands for the Studio...

£419.00 (INC VAT)
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For the pro recording artist, audiophile, musician, home entertainment user and whomever wants to gain the best possible sound from their existing speaker investment, the Ard n Audio Elevation Pro EVP-M1 Speaker Stands significantly and audibly improve the sound out front. The stands are designed for use where the full sonic quality of the speaker itself is desired to be heard.

Over two years in intense development, the Elevation Pro (TM) Speaker Stands are unique, patented stands for speakers, with the complete functions of vibration isolation, rotation and tilt that deliver a much improved sound from your existing speakers.

This is a precision professional product of which there is nothing like it - Ardant have genuinely brought a unique product to market at our lowest price for the professional and discerning user. The concept, design and product have patent-pending protection in all eWIPO signatory countries.

Ard n Audio's products are manufactured to high specification, precision and quality in Italy The stands do NOT come with speakers, but come packaged as two speaker stands, isolation bases, and user guide.

Customer Reviews
  • Verified Customer
    on 17 September 2011
    Having had a couple of days to play around with the product and use my speakers with them i am astounded by the difference them can make. The fully adjustable yet stable tilt and rotation allows for superb customisation, whilst the rubber/silicon pad prevents almost any transfer of energy into the work surface. If i was to have any qualms about the stands it would be that they are not well suited to leaning forward. Although i have been able to tilt mine forward without incident, the speakers are now no longer supported from any side and as such, are relying solely on the grip of the rubber pads. I can appreciate the companies angle on not wanting to interfere with the speakers and potentially harm the sound, but at least having the option to have support pads on the front face of the speaker would be very helpful. Considering the price i would not recommend this item to those looking to set up a small home studio, as there are far more important places for your money to be going and if used on a office desk with decent size monitors they will almost definitely have to be facing down. However for a professional studio looking to precisely direct their monitors whilst keeping or even improving the sound quality of their monitoring setup these are well worth it.
  • Verified Customer
    on 17 August 2011
    Each engineer can position the monitors precisely where they are required for each session with ease and quickly, it was much too cumbersome before.
  • Verified Customer
    on 11 August 2011
    it is brrilant in the stuido and also it is nice on a a table to presision the speakers it fits krks the best but it fits most stuido speakers

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