RAT Alto Music Stand

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A high quality, light weight stand with a telescopic stem made from anodized aluminium.
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RAT Alto Music Stand

What every school needs is an unbreakable stand, which nests for compact storage, has no knobs to fiddle with or get lost, and has a range of height adjustment to suit a child cellist as well as a singer standing on a riser.

The Alto Stand delivers this and more, made with materials which are unbreakable yet will not damage things they are bashed into, the biggest range of height adjustment of any stand on the market, and a design which enables them to stack very easily and compactly.

Add to that some features normally only found on expensive stands, including an aluminium stem, rubber feet to protect your floor, an extra lip on the music tray for pencils and erasers and the lowest storage height on the market.

A high quality, light weight stand with a telescopic stem made from anodized aluminium. Stands can be nested on a flat floor, without requiring a trolley. Base is made from a polymer and has rubber feet. Provision to adjust the angle of the tray and the height of the stand without any adjusting screws or levers. Tray injection moulded in polypropylene which does not “ring” when knocked. Has additional lip for pencils and small instruments.



Additional shelf

  • The tray has an additional shelf for pencils and small instruments.

Virtually unbreakable

  • The injection moulded tray is virtually unbreakable; if bent, it springs back. The tray is made of a polymer which does not “ring” when knocked. It has smoothly rounded edges all over – safe to handle and kind to your instruments.

Friction locks

  • Friction locks automatically hold the tray at whatever angle you set. There are no knobs to fiddle with or lose, and it will never go slack.

Strong, rigid and light

  • The anodized aluminium stem is very strong, rigid and light. This stand doesn’t sway, and yet can be adjusted smoothly and easily.

Injection moulded base

The base is made of a polymer which does not “ring” or cause damage when knocked. Optional weights are available for added stability.

Rubber Feet

  • Rubber feet preserve your floor and prevent clatter if the stand is knocked

Saves space

  • The base is designed to enable the stands to stack neatly together. The closed height is almost 25% less than comparable stands, so you can store Alto Stands where others won’t fit, such as on shelves or under worktops.

Greater range of height adjustments

  • The Alto Stand has a greater range of height adjustment than any other stand. The one stand covers the applications for which other manufacturers require three different music stands.


  • Unlike other stands which can only be nested on a purpose made trolley, the Alto stand nests on a flat floor. Alto trolleys are available for effective storage – however if you just want to pile them up in a corner, or put them in a cupboard, you can.
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