Studiospares 6-Pack Pro Mic Stands and Booms

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Matte Black Powder coated for a smart and durable finish.
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Studiospares 6-Pack Pro Mic Stands and Booms

Manufactured to a standard, not a price. A solid no compromise product with a Diecast metal base and Tommy Bar for easy boom adjustment. The height adjusting sleeve clamp is nylon not plastic. With the precision engineering lavished on this product plus the availability of all components adds up to make this stand the most popular in the UK.


Matte Black Powder coated for a smart and durable finish. Screws do not gouge marks in the metalwork with long legs which guarantee stability. Boom arm can be set to any length and angle and uses a Tommy Bar for easier adjustment. (Plastic Knobs break under pressure) Materials are pre processed to stop rust. Boom includes a cable clip to stop loose cables pulling the microphone.



  • Height adjustable between 1000mm - 1650mm
  • Boom Arm Length between 580mm - 910mm
  • Mic Stand thread 5/8”
  • Threads for Mic Holder 5/8” or 3/8” with the supplied STA5 adaptor
  • Boom arm socket 5/8” (Where it attaches to the stand)
  • Weight 2.2kg
  • Colour Black


Why will it outlast competitive products?

  • For a start the raw material steel passes through a phosphorisation process involving immersion in a chemical bath to remove oil and grease contaminates and any rust often found unseen inside tubing.
  • The surface is then ROHS compliant powder coated and baked in an oven at a high temperature to provide the most durable surface possible. A more expensive process than paint spraying.
  • Component parts are simply better. The Diecast metal base is not plastic which breaks easily when left overnight in a cold van,
  • The height adjusting sleeve is nylon not plastic because it is stronger
  • Leg hinges are metal, not plastic
  • Manufacturing tolerances are low through Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • ROHS Compliant with EU Hazardous Substance requirements.
  • Spares held in stock in London

Spares for items which may get lost

648130 Base screw. (The casting that all legs are attached to)
648140 Stand Cable Clip. (Keeps the microphone cable down to floor level)
648150 Boom Arm Extension Screw. (Locks the telescopic part to the static part)
648160 Boom Arm Locking Screw (Locks the position of the boom arm to the swivel assembly)
648170 Boom Arm Cable Clip. (Dresses the microphone cable along the boom arm)

Available as a single:

648000 Studiospares Pro Mic Stand and Telescopic Boom

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