K&M Elegance One Hand Mic Stand

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Microphone Stand with One-Hand Adjustment System
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Setting new standards in design and function, the avant-garde Elegance mic stand combines an elegant, triangular section and a slender one-hand adjustment mechanism, which unite harmoniously with standard microphone clips and microphones. A classic K&M swivel arm adds to the functionality of the mic, without detracting from its elegance. 


The height of the stand can be adjusted soundlessly, simply and easily using the unique one-hand clutch. The stand is lightweight, but nonetheless stable due to the ingenious round base with an integrated steel plate, provided with an attractive plastic cover. 


The base's circumferential rubber profile reduces undesirable vibration and footfall noise even when the stand is tilted far over to the side, while also preventing damage to flooring. Award-winning Elegance from K&M.


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