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Intellistage Modular Quarter Circle Platform

Product Code: 651030

INTELLISTAGE PORTABLE STAGING SYSTEM A lightweight and highly portable staging system which can b...

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INTELLISTAGE PORTABLE STAGING SYSTEM A lightweight and highly portable staging system which can be easily stored, transported and erected at short notice. The system has two main components, a supporting spider leg assembly and a top panel, the stage. The stage locks to the legs on each corner. The spider leg system (Riser) is an ingenious mechanism consisting of nine telescopic legs interconnected in a manner similar to a spreading umbrella. Folded for transportation or storage, the height is at maximum, the spread apart is at a minimum. Unfolded the height is at a minimum but the legs are spread apart to form nine low supports covering a floor area of 1metre x 1 metre. To support the standard 2 metre x 1 metre stage use either two 1m x 1m risers or one 2m x 1m riser. The stage consists of a sandwich of plywood, honeycomb and plywood 20.5mm thick. The stage has underside locating sockets which mate with short posts on top of the four corner pillars to stop the stage sliding off. Metal reinforced corners increase durability. Four different heights are available each using a dedicated leg assembly called a riser. For additional stability, adjacent leg assemblies are locked together by brackets, use ISSJ which contains 4 locking Riser Clamps Code 651280. More complex platforms of four differing heights can be created. A triangular platform can be used as a hub with 2m x 1m or 1m x 1m stages fanning out. Quarter circle stages can lock onto rectangular or square staging. Or a completely circular stage can be created. As an example a drummer could erect a 2m x 1m stage to raise him above other instrumentalists in a couple of minutes. Sections of an orchestra could also be elevated. Individual components are lightweight and easily transported. The stage surface has a similar finish to a carpet tile. The system is easily portable and therefore lightweight. In consequence it requires a degree of care when transporting, erecting and dismantling. Loading. Manufacturers quote 900kg/sq metre. Because of all the options that are available, we may not have every component in stock so as a guide allow 7 to 10 working days for delivery. The Following Parts are Available Carpeted Platforms 1m x 1m Code 651000 2m x 1m Code 651010 Triangular 1m x 1m Code 651020 Quarter Round 1m Code 651030 Step platform Code 651040 1m x 1m Riser 0.2m high Code 651050 0.3m high Code 651060 0.4m high Code 651070 0.6m high Code 651080 2m x 1m Riser 0.2m high Code 651090 0.3m high Code 651100 0.4m high Code 651110 0.6m high Code 651120 1m wide Step Riser 0.2m high Code 651130 0.3m high Code 651140 0.4m high Code 651150 Triangular Riser 1m 0.2m high Code 651160 0.3m high Code 651170 0.4m high Code 651180 0.6m high Code 651190 Quarter Round Riser 1m 0.2m high Code 651200 0.3m high Code 651210 0.4m high Code 651220 0.6m high Code 651230 Black skirts each 2m x 0.2m Code 651240 2m x 0.3m Code 651250 2m x 0.4m Code 651260 2m x 0.6m Code 651270 Accessories ISSJ4 Code 651280
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