7-Drawer Heavy-Duty Wheeled Roadie Flight Case by Trojan Pro

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  • The 7-Drawer Heavy-Duty Wheeled Roadie Flight Case by Trojan Pro accommodates all of your gear. Store anything from tools, cables, equipment, and lights.
  • Comes with a lift-off lid forming a desk or bench, work right next to your road case.
  • Vast storage capabilities ensure you have everything you'll ever need no further than an arm's reach away.
  • Constructed from 9mm Eucalyptus plywood and laminated with a highly durable plastic covering.
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Trojan 7-Drawer Wheeled Roadie Flight Case

Are you a musician or live technician tired of searching for essential gear during performances or setup? Imagine having all your necessities organised and within reach every time you need them.

The Trojan Pro 7-Drawer Heavy-Duty Wheeled Roadie Flight Case is the ultimate solution for keeping your tools, picks, lights, screws, and more accessible. Designed with musicians and live technicians in mind, this road case offers ample storage and easy mobility, ensuring that all your equipment is safely and securely in one place, ready for action whenever you need it. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips and lost items, and focus on what truly matters, your performance.


Durability and Protection

The 7-Drawer Flight Case boasts a heavy-duty design, complete with a lift-off lid and integrated legs. This innovative feature transforms the lid into a convenient table, enabling you to work efficiently right next to your road case.

The Trojan Road case is crafted from 9mm Eucalyptus plywood and features a high-quality plastic laminate, offering outstanding strength and durability to endure the toughest road conditions. The plywood construction not only provides excellent resilience against potential damage but also ensures a lightweight design for effortless maneuverability during transport.


Ease of Use

The 7-Drawer Flight Case boasts a user-friendly design with seven heavy-duty, industrial-grade drawers in varying sizes, three 88mm high, three 132mm high, and one large 264mm high drawer. Four handles and four butterfly catches ensure your items stay safe and secure during venue or location changes. Easily access and transport your equipment without compromising on security or convenience.


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Color Black


  • External Dimensions - 520mm wide x 525mm deep x 967mm high
  • Lift-Off Lid Dimensions - 967mm x 525mm
  • Top Draw - 440mm x 390mm x 8mm
  • Middle Draw - 440mm x 390mm x 125mm
  • Bottom Draw - 440mm x 390mm x 210mm


  • 63 kg