2u Secure Rack Shelf 19 inch

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As the name implies, Securerack provides security against pilfering and holds equipment securely within a rack.
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As the name implies, Securerack provides security against pilfering and holds equipment securely within a rack. If security against equipment theft is high, then attach this product to the rack using the studiospares Security Headed Rack screws, code 401880 and the specialised Allan key code 401890. This product is designed to be versatile, even to accommodate odd shaped equipment. It is based on 1.5mm steel unlike the 1.1mm thickness of other products. The finish is Black semi gloss powder coating which is more expensive but maintains it’s looks even with heavy use.

Secureracks occupies 2U, 3U or 4U of rack space being a popular method of securing free standing equipment into a Rack Tray. Two `over bars` whose height and position can be varied, bear down on the equipment and clamp it in position. The rear bar can be swiveled to be positioned behind the equipment to prevent it falling back over the rear edge of the tray, particularly relevant when front panel buttons are being pushed. Maximum equipment width is 429mm. Please note that since the equipment`s facia panel is not generally in contact with the clamping mechanism the equipment`s facia panel can be up to 435mm wide or any width if it protudes out of the front of the rack. The tray depth is 300mm.

Clamping Bars.
If one clamping bar is used to bear down on the equipment, the second clamping bar can be set to stop the equipment being pushed backwards should a user push equipment buttons too vigorously. The distance between the racks open front and rear bar is between 20 and 270 mm. If both bars are used to clamp down on the equipment then the equipment’s depth can be 500mm. (Check that the 300mm depth still supports the equipment`s four feet). Self adhesive rubberised plastic strips can be attached to the clamping bars to cover any situation. These Studiospares versions have V shaped bars which remain rigid. Other racks use clamping bars with flat strips of metal which easily bend to become useless.

This is a substantial and well thought out product which covers a variety of uses.