Day 9 - Acoustics

Welcome to our the 10 shipping days to Christmas promotion! Today’s focus is on acoustic treatment.

Why focus on acoustic treatment?

Acoustic treatment can either make or break a professional or home studio! If the room is not treated results will never be as good as they could be. Most rooms in which people use to record or perform in, are not specifically built with acoustics in mind, acoustic treatment is all the more important in these cases!

While sound is travelling around the room, it will come into contact with different surfaces and other sound waves moving around the room. While all these frequencies are bouncing around, clashing into each other, the sound waves can change.  This means that the room can suffer from a lot of acoustic problems. These include many technical things like reflections, reverberation, slap echo, flutter echo, inadequate frequency response, standing waves and modal problems, this will affect the end result you hear, in a negative way.

When recording or monitoring a playback of a recording, we want to remove the room from what we hear in the mix, focusing just on the source, and not letting the room affect what we hear.

Shopping Tips


  • The larger the kit the more panel you will get, make sure you work out your room size first, and make sure you buy for that room size or larger – it’s always good to have a few spare panels in case you need to add more to the room, than getting a smaller kit and having to buy more!
  • Each kit comes in various colour options, these will be below the product so you can pick the right colour for the room.
  • All the kits suggested, don’t need glue to hang the tiles, these are great for rented spaces as they are easy to put up and remove – no pulling glued foam off the walls!
  • If you are stuck, please just ask, we’re more than happy to recommend something for you!


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