Day 8 - Headphones

There is one major factor in choosing headphones – open Backed or closed backed headphones, and ohmage of headphone.

Open Backed vs Closed Back:

The general rule of thumb is closed back headphones are used to isolate yourself from the environment around you – in terms of recording this allows you to hear your backing track and sung vocal, without any interruption from the rest of the room, or any other musicians about you.

Open backed headphones are generally more expensive, and better for critical listening, they allow more space and detail to be present in the music but they allow air to move around the drivers – they are very handy for mastering and for listening to music in a home environment, you wouldn’t use open backed headphones to track vocals for example as the backing from the headphones will bleed out and be picked up on the track, you also wouldn’t want to use a set while commuting as you’ll enrage all your fellow passengers!

Shopping Tips:

  • Closed back for recording/ some Mixing.
  • Open backed for critical listening/mastering.
  • A good pair of headphones, well cared for will last 10 years, get the best pair you can afford – they will pay you back 100 fold!
  • We have added a DAC in the related products (Audient Nero) – if you are looking for something to increase the quality of your headphones, pair this with any set for enhanced playback, this will also switch monitor speakers for you!
  • If you are stuck, please just ask, we’re more than happy to recommend something for you!


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