Day 7 - Podcasting

Today’s focus is on Podcasting!

It seems obvious, but it’s a relevant question – why bother investing in a good podcast microphone?

Most podcasts record in-person, so environment and mic technique play a massive part in the sound of your podcast. However you record there’s no denying that a Podcast recorded on a decent quality microphone is massively more professional than someone blabbering away on a tinny headset mic. For a minimal outlay you can achieve some very impressive results.

 Shopping Tips:

  • It’s the mic that captures your voice and translates it from physical sound waves into digital bits and bytes, you can start podcasting with a mic and a cable, before having to invest in an interface and other peripherals
  • We’ve added a selection of mics, some dynamic, some USB – check which model suits your needs – it might be better to get a slightly more expensive mic, that allows you to plug headphones into it and your computer.
  • If  using a tablet, make sure that the headphone socket can accept a TTRS jack. Buy one of these cables to use your mic and headphones together
  • If you are stuck, please just ask, we’re more than happy to recommend something for you!
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