Day 10 - Interfaces

Welcome to the 10 shipping days till Christmas! Yesterday we focused on monitors, today is Interfaces!

The interface is the vital linchpin, between all analogue and digital recording on a computer. You need it to take an audio signal in, convert that to a digital signal, send that into the computer, then replay the digital signal back out and convert it to an analogue signal to go to either headphones or monitor speakers.

Interfaces take all the audio load away from your computer – allowing it to focus on processing all the data you record in and playback.

The main factor to decide with an interface, is the number of simultaneous tracks you need to record at once, if you want to record a drumkit, you’ll need an 8 in interface, for vocals and an Acoustic Guitar 2-4 ins will be needed depending on how you plan to record it.

Shopping Tips:

  • As increase in price, so does quality of the mic preamps, This will result in a better input signal, that’s more realistic, making the end result sound better.
  • Also as price increases so does the quality of AD/DA convertor chips inside the interface. You will get a better overall result with better convertors.
  • Most Interfaces feature COMBI inputs now, allowing you to plug an XLR cable or Jack cable into the same input – check the pictures of the interface to make sure!
  • When you get to a specific level of quality, the interfaces will allow you to add further preamps via ADAT – meaning your 2 mic/line input  interface, can be expanded to 10 channels, by adding an external preamp like an Audient ASP800.
  • Try and maximise your budget – Buying the best interface you can will mean less need to upgrade, its better to get something that will last 3-4 years than having to replace everything after 1 year.
  • We’ve created some custom accessories bundles for all the interfaces, there are various prices and options, they’ll appear on the product page underneath the product description, these are a good present for others to buy (you can copy the links and send them on), or are great add ons if you are looking for several gifts.
  • All accessory bundles are already discounted, so a great chance to get more bang for your buck!
  • If you are stuck, please just ask, we’re more than happy to recommend something for you!
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