Sound On Sound review the Trojan Pro LTS07

Sound On Sound review the Trojan Pro LTS07
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Sound On Sound review the Trojan Pro LTS07

The monthly music technology magazine Sound On Sound recently sat down with the Trojan Pro LTS07 Premium Folding Laptop Stand with Shelf and ran it through its paces in their new recent review.


The Trojan Pro LTS07 is designed to free up valuable space in a number of workplaces by providing an alternative, more accessible location for your laptop and other devices. Sound On Sound writer Ian Gilby explains: 

“There I was looking at my ever-more cluttered home office desk thinking ‘there has to be a better solution’… So I’d been thinking that I needed a better quality audio solution but desk space was my limiting factor, with three TimeMachine backup drives and an external DVD drive hogging valuable real estate, leaving no workable space spare for a proposed audio interface.”


Valuable space in your work area is a universal need and problem in some cases, and with the issue being confronted in the form of the Trojan Pro LTS07, it’s easy to mentally invest and want to go ahead with purchasing the solution to your work areas space issue. But what about the price? Well, Ian addresses this in his review:

“A quick scan of their website photos and LTS07 text description and my mouse was hovering over the Add To Basket button ready to click! At £29.99, the price seemed very reasonable to me; I’d paid over £70 ages ago for the aluminium Apple laptop stand which currently resided on my office desk allowing me to get my 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro off the desktop itself and alongside my ancient 30-inch Apple Cinema Display.”


Trojan Pro LTS07 Premium Folding Laptop Stand with Shelf

The Trojan Pro LTS07 can be used for a number of different applications and is plenty sturdy enough to support a wide range of different devices. Another point highlighted in the review: 

“The height of the stand is fixed at 35.5cm which seems ideal for DJ/live use and not too tall for my own needs. The top bars easily take the weight of my Apple MacBook Pro or a Dell Inspiron PC laptop I also tried. The main support bars are covered with strips of non-slip foamed neoprene and the front offers a curved-up plastic/foam strip which prevents your laptop sliding off the front.”


Overall, Sound On Sound has great things to say about Trojan Pro LTS07. Its build quality, functionality and price make it a Sound On Sound recommended product.

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